Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel Concierge: New York City

{favorite highlight: playing dress up at giambattista valli}

I was in NYC last week and it. was. amazing. 

My love story with NYC goes:

2002 - we met and fell in love at first sight
2003 - we moved in together, briefly for the summer
2004 - we dated long distance and saw each other a few times
2005 - we got engaged, literally, in central park
2006 - 2009 - we enjoyed marital bliss, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays 

{Then mama got pregnant, had a baby and our love affair was put on hold for the past few years.}

2012 - we reconnected and are more in love... than ever

Seriously, my heart skips a beat for this city.  This time I saw it very differently, though.  

I can't help but see it through my mommy eyes and can't wait to take our little girl to all of my favorite places, show her where her daddy proposed to me, take her ice skating or for a horse-drawn carriage ride, and dress her up just to shop at the toy store or visit the Plaza.  That's the thing about love... it keeps growing.  How very sweet. 

Have you been to Palm Beach Lately?  What's new today: Highlights From Our NYC Trip

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  1. What a sweet post! You ladies look stunning. I just took my two oldest girls to NYC for the first time and it was wonderful.


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