Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Nest: Straightening Up The Sister's Closet


My sister has been begging me to makeover her closet.  
You should know she is a really  busy girl, with TONS of clothes, shoes and accessories.
Mainly because she never. parts. with. anything. Ever.


I finally caved on Saturday and happily packed up my camera, my one and a half year old 
{she's an ideal assistant, I tell ya} and lots of energy for project closet makeover.  


We gut laughed our way through oodles of old fads, items and memories.
She was a great sport and donated anything she didn't keep to charity.  


The final product?  
A gorgeous, organized closet full of stylish, inspiring clothes.


No more clutter, chaos and excess baggage.


Only her favorite items are left, so she can quickly dress her best.

{her fave: new home for scarves}

Mission accomplished, phew!

If you haven't tidied up your closet lately, I say go for it!
Here are my five tips for decluttering the closet:

1. Start small, you don't have to finish all at once.  Work in sections - spend a little time once a day, week or month organizing small areas, like your tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories.  

2. Bribe Enlist a trusted friend or relative to help determine what's a "keeper" and what's a "deleter".

3. If you have a hard time letting go, you can start by putting things in a "maybe" pile.  By the end of the makeover, you will happily part with most of these items.  

4. One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Keep others in mind, especially local charities, when purging your items.  What's old to you is new to your girlfriend, mom, little sister, niece and many folks in need.  Never throw anything away.

5. Once you are down to your core collection, take inventory and come up with fun ways to organize, display and give loose items a home.  Pinterest is an excellent source for inspiration and put your ideas into place by scouting items from your home, a quick run to Target or budget-friendly online shops. 

Have you been to Palm Beach Lately?  What's new today: Summer Makeover Video Recap!

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  1. You did an amazing job! Jealous - wish I had a sister so I could talk her into doing the same.


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