Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Gift: For The Expecting Mom


One of my best friends loaned me The Pregnancy Countdown Book when I was pregnant, and 16 months after giving birth, I still think about this entertaining book.  With so many educational pregnancy books on the market, this is a great one to keep at your bedside for a little comic relief.  Broken down into a page-per-day read, it's quick and witty - perfect for any expecting mom.  The last page impacted me in such a way, that I copied it and brought it into labor with me.  I still have the flashcard and typed it up for you below.  I hope you share it with any mommies you know who are getting ready to give birth.  It'll bring a tear to their eye and get them pumped for labor... and make you contemplate having {another?} one. ;)


You've made it.  For 280 days (more or less, anyway), you've survived all the ups and downs that Pregnancy Land has to offer.  No matter what happens on this day, you've made a remarkable journey - and you're about to embark on another, even more amazing one - motherhood!  All you want to do is meet your baby!  And very soon you will.


Take a deep breath and hold on to this moment.  This moment could be the moment pregnancy ends and a whole new life begins.  Soon you will have your labor story, a story that you will tell over and over again because you will have earned the right.

You are about to experience a rite of passage that bonds you with all other mothers.  It will be the story you tell your child every year on the day that moment turned into the experience of a lifetime.

You will also learn that the fears don't end here but become endless once your baby is born.  But that is all right, because that intense fear will also put you in complete awe every time you look into your baby's eyes.

You really are going to be a mother.  And you really are going to be fantastic." {que melted heart} 

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  1. Great share !! It would be a great gift for fro all expecting mothers!


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